About Heaters

Polish company MOCEK has been manufacturing boilers with automated fuel burners for 18 years. It manufactures Class 5 heaters that reduce emissions into the environment, Class 4 heaters are most popular in Lithuania. The company can supply Titanic and Iryd - PID controlers for sale, which are presented in the controls section. The company uses advanced technology in production: automated laser cutting, automated welding. Upon customer request, company can make drawings for a special boiler (chimney top, back, left or right). Boilers can be equipped with fuel tanks of 180 l, 220 l, 300 l.


The burners are made from a single cast iron using a pellet lifting, a left-handed thread system on the back of the screw feeder ensuring smooth supply of fuel at the back of the burner.


The boilers are constructed of heat-resistant steel P256GH using automated technologies, laser-cutting. The boilers are equipped with 4 smoke chambers.


There are two types of controllers: Titanic and Iryd-PID. Titanic manages 2 circulating pumps, Iryd-PID- 4. 2 year warranty is provided to controllers.


Additionally, a room programmer can be purchased to set the room temperature by hours for the whole week. The maximum temperature of the boiler can also be increased /decreased.


Mocek boiler burners and their fuel feeders are made of a single cast iron thus they are reliable. There are spaces above the screw feeders used for installation of the ventilation fan and supplying the air to the combustion chamber smoothly. The automatic fuel supply is adjusted by a screw (screw feeder) made from solid cast iron. There is an air supply channel above the screw feeder where the air enters the furnace. Ventilation fan is installed on the air channel. The burner contains a fuel tank that is directly connected to the fuel supply screw. The screw is driven by a feeder motor with a gearbox at 1 rpm. The intensity of the fuel supply is adjusted by changing the "on/off" time of the screw motor. Pellets are placed into the furnace. In accordance to the volcanic operation, burned coal, grain, rapeseed, wood and sunflower pellets can be placed into the burners. The burner components are the burner body, the screw feeder, the engine, the reducer and the crown of the furnace.


Standard boilers include Titanic controller, DOMER DM80 ventilation fan, chimney with damper (50cm) and cleaning tools. We can offer two types of controllers: The Titanic with two operation modes: ON-when the fuel is burnt in the burner with the maximum power fixed and HOLD ON- when the fuel in the burner smoulders itself (without the additional air supply). The second Iryd-PID controller also has ON and HOLD ON modes, but unlike the first one, it can change the burning intensity in ON mode. Both of these controllers have 4 sensors: water temperature, hot water tank temperature, fuel feeder temperature and circulating water temperature. Controllers have 2 main connections (fuel feeder and ventilation fan), and 2 additional (Iryd - PID controller 4) circulating pump connections of the heating system.

The standard ventilation fan of Mocek boilers is the DOMER DM80.


Class 4 boilers price list:

12 kW heater with a heating area of ​​up to 80 sq.m. price 1754,5€

15 kW heater with a heating area of ​​up to 120 sq.m. price 1815€

20 kW heater with a heating area of ​​up to 150sq.m. price 1875,5€

25 kW heater with a heating area of ​​up to 200 sq.m. price 2057€

30 kW heater with a heating area of ​​up to 250 sq.m. price 2178€

35 kW heater with a heating area of ​​up to 300 sq.m. price 2299€

40 kW heater with a heating area of ​​up to 400 sq.m. price 2420€

50 kW heater with a heating area of ​​up to 500 sq.m. price 2662€

75 kW heater with a heating area of ​​up to 700 sq.m. price 4175,5 €

Zone for Firewood

Pellets, coal, firewood and other solid fuel can be burnt. You can save fuel in the fuel tank using both types of fuel as the burning firewood causes the rise the temperature to (or above) the fixed. When the fixed temperature is reached, the support mode is activated, then fuel and purging of the air are activated every 10 minutes (or as you set it). The purpose of the support mode is to maintain the fuel level in the furnace, whereas it must be sufficient when the new operating mode starts. Firewood can be used as a separate method for heating the boiler. In this case, you have to turn off the motor of the burner feeder and leave the rest on automatic mode. The controller will automatically control the operation of the circulation pumps, and it will also supply the air to the firewood while the temperature is lower than it was fixed.

Power Width Height Debth
12 kW 25 cm 25 cm 40 cm
15 kW 25cm 25cm 45 cm
20 kW 30cm 30cm 45 cm
25 kW 35cm 30 cm 45 cm
30 kW 37 cm 30 cm 50 cm
35 kW 37 cm 30 cm 50 cm
40 kW 37 cm 40 cm 55 cm
50 kW 51 cm 50 cm 60 cm



It is a computer for controlling pellet boiler which operates on ON / HOLD ON modes. Titanic is the most common and is still widely used by many users. The controller has two sensors for operating temperature (circulating water and hot water) and two emergency: circulating water (95 ° C protection against boiling) and fuel feeder housing (fire protection). Titanic can handle 2 circulating heat pumps.


Smart Control Computer Iryd - PID is based on PID technology. The advantage of its performancelies in the change of fuel burning power when the decrease of the temperature difference appears therefore the fuel consumption is less. This controller can control more heating system distribution devices (circulation pumps) and is more attractive to the user due to the multifunction menu. It manages the mixing valve servo drive, which distributes hot water circulation to rooms and boilers as needed. There are also more useful additional features such as visualization of ongoing process and instant fuel consumption and more.

Operation of controllers in case of emergency

Both controllers ensure safety as they contain two emergency sensors: the fuel feeder temperature sensor and the boiler circulating water (95 ° C) emergency sensor. The emergency switching off of the boiler occurs when circulating water in the boiler rises up to 95 ° C (this happens if the heat distribution circulators fail), or when the pellet feeder sensor reaches higher than 70 ° C (this happens when insufficient amount of fuel is supplied). Then the feeder feeds the fuel into the lower boiler chamber, delivering it for 5 minutes without stopping. If the temperature does not fall below 3 ° C during this time, the controller restarts the spreading cycle. This way the combustible fuel is removed from the screw feeder and the furnace. When the boiler is extinguished, the flames do not enter the fuel tank. In case of emergency, the user is alerted by an audible signal. Controllers have protection against freezing of circulating water in winter. When the temperature in the boiler reaches less than 5 ° C, the Titanic controller controls the circulation pumps in order to circulate and freeze the system in its worst protected areas. The pumps run continuously until the temperature starts to rise. The controller prevents the boiler from boiling if any controller temperature sensor is damaged.

When 95 ° C sensor measures the critical temperature, the switch off is being started: the screw feeder is switched off the and ventilation fan is on until the temperature of the controller and circulation pumps falls to normal. • This can only happen if the circulation pumps stop working.

The emergency fuel tank sensor continuously measures the temperature of the burner body, which should be the same as the room temperature. If the flame rises below the furnace, the burner body starts to heat up and if the temperature is more than 70̊ C, the fuel tank sensor turns off the boiler. The fuel is fed to the combustion zone for 5 minutes without stopping (thus displacing the combustible fuel). The flame can only move into the fuel tank if it is left open (the better thrust is straight to the fuel tank than to the chimney).